Hi! I am Athena.

about me

I am a software engineer who recently completed the Foundations curriculum at Holberton School. Holberton was the best fit for me because I felt that the project-based approach would be an immersive experience superior to lectures in a classroom, and the peer-learning model would train me to build strong interpersonal relationships and collaborate well with others. At Holberton I learned programming concepts such as data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, and databases, as well as system engineering concepts like web stack debugging, web infrastructure monitoring, web server management, and web infrastructure design.

Growing up when Neopets was the rage, I claimed a free omelette every day I was online during my younger years. This developed into a healthy love for eggs and I found communities devoted to saying only the word ‘egg’ (and variations of this word), but not everyone is fluent in egg. Software is meant to solve problems and I believed that I had discovered a problem in a niche market, so I was inspired to create a solution for it: a web application called ‘eggify’ which turns all of your words into ‘egg’ and gives you a link to your original input (to share with friends who are not fluent in egg). Using a combination of concepts that I learned at Holberton and an unfamiliar framework (Django), a simple yet functional version of eggify came into existence within 2 weeks.

Outside of coding, I enjoy puzzles, cheesy puns, and egg memes.

I made these

eggify logo
hbnb logo
a stack and the word 'monty'


Holberton School of Software Engineering, San Francisco
Sep 2018 - Jun 2019

  • completed Foundations curriculum
  • engaged in peer learning
  • completed daily coding challenges as part of project-based learning model